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Palettes - 180, 120, lipgloss, contour, kyolan,...

180 palette 

I got mine not that long ago,.... and i'm telling you, i like this palette a looot. It has like 180 colors, pigmentation is amazing, colors go on smooth, little or no fallouts. It's just 1 thing - its huuuge :)) 
I can say its decent and i really got what i payed for ;) This palette can be a good starter if someone is subject to a price limit, or for people/ artist that need looot and loots of colors. I use this palette offten, because i loove to play around with colors ;) 

120 palette

This palette i have from the start of my makeup career. And til this day, i love it. As far as the quality of shadows is what you would expect out of this palette, super soft so don't drop this on the ground :)))) They are  pretty pigmented, but can fade out with too much blending. For the value, it's a deal worth checking out.

Sleek palettes

I have like 4 of them, all of them are different afcorse. And I also have sleeek primer palette. 
Let me just say,..the shadows are so gorgeous and pigmented. I'm really a big fan of shimmers, and this palette has a lot of shimmery eyeshadows except for acid palette. the price of the palette is sooo cheap considering on what you get. this palette is a must-have, yes ladys a must-have. It's sooo worth it, especially if you're into shimmers. you can do day looks and evening looks. But PRIMER palette omg,... the worst product EVEEEEER!! It creases on me like super fast :( When you apply it, its nice, but later on,.. 1 BIG mess!! I would burn this product if I could :))) Overall sleek palettes are super product, and good news, they are super cheep ;)


Lip gloss palette
This palette has multi color glosses, even rare ones :) Has also shimmer and mat colors, thats why i loove this palette. I can use it for everyday makeup or for halloween makeup. And the glosses are going on smothly. And the best thing is that doesnt stain my lips; yeah i have a loot of lipglosses that stained my lips :( I would say that after a while, lips can get dry. Cons are just that some colors may not appeal to you, or you will not use them at all. I deffenetly will be using them ALL :))

Blush palette
I love this palette. It has a great selection of colors. I like wearing different shades of blush depending on the look I create each day. These are very smooth and have great pigmentation. This palette is good foor anyone that are blush fans :)

Contour palette 

Loooooove this one. Pigmentation is suuuuper strong.T hey do blend well and most importantly they last long time on my oily face :) So you only need to apply a small amount. The only thing I dont like it, that they are super powdery when you apply them, but after there blended, they are perfect. This palette makes my face look more sculpted :))

NYX Glitterati glitter cream palette

This palette i do not like! Doesnt work for me at all :( I tried my best to make it work, because the packaging is really cute and colors glitters looks amazing. But when i tried to put them on, i find it difficult to do anything with this product. Well, the bright side is, it was cheap. I just need to find a way to make this product work for me , i muuuuust :))

Aquacolor interferenz Kryolan

Daaaaa BOMB dot com!!!!! Im telling you, this palette is one of the kind! This palette is amazing. I would even go as far to say, that this is one of my favourite palette / makeup product! Watter activated and hiiighly pigmented. You can use it as an eyeshadow, eyeliner, base, lip colors, highlight, bronzer ;)))
Deffenetly worth the money !! 

And many mooore ;)
Palettes (mekaup palettes) are the best thing that man made ;)))

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