nedelja, 12. avgust 2012

Brushes, brushes and more brushes :)

My friend just told me, that I have to many brushes; but I allway say,..never is too many :)) Here are some brushes, cheap ones and expensive ones...

  EBAY ,... Cheap s*** :)) quatlity sucks, they sheed aloooot, like aaaa looot :) i wouldnt buy them again

Sedona Lace ,.. these are some nice brushes,... me like ;)
 Ebay fake louie ,.. bad quality, but they look expensive
   coastal scents brushes are nice, ...nice quallity and great price
  Crown brush - cheap and great quallity

I looove my makeupgeek brushes,... and the price is not that bad also ;)

Essence ,..cheeeeeap and good, sinthetic brushes
 Sigma brushes... quallity is amazing, but price is high :((( but I love them anyways ;)

Bh... cheap brushes ,but not that bad at all!!!!!
Bobbi brown ,... Ok i guess,.. i would not buy these, unless i won the Lotto :)

MAC ,.. quallity is super nice but the price is also super,.high :(

Real tehniques brushes,... are going on my wish list ;)

Thank god for elf brushes,.. they amazed me,... i would recommend this babys ;))
 Expensive ,..d**** :))) Dior,..

B****slap! cosmetic brushes are good,.. price is wallet-friendly ;) quallity is good A
Nars brushes

Ebay ,... This brushes I use like every single day,.. for everything that I can remember,.. good quallity and cheeeap, yes ;)))

I just realize, that i really own to many brushes :)))) but I couldnt live without them ,... if someone took my brushes away, i would even know how to put on my makeup,..saad saad saaad :))

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